About United Lifts

United Lift Services was established in 1998 in response to customer demands for professional, high quality lift service with a superior customer service that is localised for an immediate response.  ULS has cemented itself in the market as one of the largest independent Australian lift companies and has an extensive portfolio throughout Australia including such customers as Melbourne Airport, Alfred hospital, Department of Housing, Melbourne Racing Club and Metro Trains Melbourne to name just a few.


United Lifts has more than 600 customers and 1000 units across various industries throughout Australia and is supported by our 100+ quality employees.  United Lifts can support any request with our business offerings including Service, Modernisation and New installations.  From designing a new unique installation, to modernizing or maintaining your older asset, United has the expertise to tailer a package to your needs.







United Lifts’ boasts an extensive portfolio of clientele across a range of different industry segments and remains committed to delivering personalised service.