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United Lift Services was established in 1998 due to the market demand for a customer focused alternative to the International Elevator Companies operating in Australia. United Lift Services was founded, and remains run by today, qualified Lift Mechanics. It is this reason why business decisions and company directions are made to best service our growing customer base, along with freedom to provide the absolute best quality equipment sourced from market leading non-proprietary manufacturers.

The industry has been slowly changing, with companies providing less and less maintenance on their customers assets, with most even promoting ‘predictive maintenance’ that validates them not coming to site at all. What results from this is continued deterioration of the equipment, increasing callouts, breakdowns and longer downtime which can be incredibly frustrating. This same company will then “advise” the customer that their unit is obsolete and requires a major upgrade to improve performance.

The United Lift Services approach is in complete contrast to this, our focus is on preventative maintenance with regular site inspections that allows us to view, listen and feel how a lift is operating and carry out specific maintenance tasks designed to reduce breakdowns, limit repairs and optimise operating times.

United has seen substantial growth in more recent years, we attribute this to customers seeking an alternative to this “new normal”. Like any of us, we want to receive the highest possible customer service with true value for money, this is what United Lift Services deliver. Once the myth of being restricted to using the manufacturer to maintain their lift is gone, or a customer becomes exhausted with dealing with “the big 4”, they seek any potential alternatives. When United Lift Services is discovered and our capability is realised through our experienced team or the extensive list of reference sites and customers, the choice becomes relatively easy. The most common comment we get when a business switches to United Lift Services is they wish they had moved across sooner.

United Lift Services are the true Third Party Elevator Service provider, we specialise in servicing all major brands and equipment types. Our culture creates an environment that has seen us recruit some of the better minds in the industry, allowing them to freely express their ideas and knowledge, which raises the entire workforce up to levels unrivalled in the industry.





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